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This is what the intoxicated soul does: It daydreams and gets stuck at various points of the daydream because it can’t stop picturing what the people in the daydream are wearing, down to the minutest detail – buttons, sequins, fabric … Continue reading

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   This one woman was the sole employee and executive director of a very busy nonprofit. The nonprofit’s mission was to convene. The executive director convened seminars, street fairs, breakfasts, dinners, symposiums. She designed signs to be put up on … Continue reading

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116 lenox avenue is a slum

It’s November now, despite the election. The weather in New York is damp and chilly. There’s a lot going on in the world. Revolution, unrest, Pakistan Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, the United States. A big plane clipped a … Continue reading

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I had a toy dog. His name was Boom Boom. I used to ride around on him when I was two and three.  I’d fall off and go “Boom!” That’s how he got the name Boom Boom.  I loved that … Continue reading

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Then I sprinted towards him. Faster and faster.  I caught him in my arms and crushed him to me. “I thought I’d never see you again!” I cried.  I lifted him high in the air and saw the sunset gleam … Continue reading

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In spite of everything, it’s September again – high time for the delegates from the European Union to meet in Brussels to discuss the refugee crisis. The delegates would have wished to classify the refugee invasion as an “alleged influx,” … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about desire lately, and the different forms it takes.  How, if you are a male homosexual, you can never know what it is to desire a woman.  And if you are a female homosexual, you … Continue reading

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